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Concave: For the Chef

I have never received a standing ovation in one of my cooking classes until the “Steak Night” class I did using a Concave cutting board.  I had made my own rub and had grilled to steaks to a beautiful med rare.  I then put the steaks on my Concave board to rest and poured a butter and herb mixture over the steaks.  The people in the class were now very engaged.  I tented the steaks and prepared another part of the meal.  I then carved the steaks and gave out small samples of this delicious beef that I dredged through the flavor pool.  It was then that I received the ovation.  The steaks were very good but I have to say that my Concave board contributed mightily to the success of the evening.  I will never cook a steak any other way!

Stephen Harman, Charleston, SC

Concave: For the Retailer

My name is Jim Hewitt from The Cupboard, a kitchen store located in Ft. Collins Colorado.  I’m excited about the new Concave cutting boards being offered from JK Adams and Architec.  My father, Carey will tell you this is the first real innovation in cutting boards since he opened the store 44 years ago.  We normally see this kind of newness in our gadget area and believe we have a multi functional product that our customers will love.  We appreciate new “gadgets” this time of year as they add excitement and freshness to our product assortment.  We believe Concave will be a great addition to our mix!

Jim Hewitt, Ft. Collins, CO

Concave: For the Griller

We eat a lot of grilled chicken breasts in our family.  My husband does a great job grilling but sometimes his chicken breasts can be a bit dry.  I picked up an oval Concave board and made a simple board dressing with some EVOO and some finely chopped parsley and thyme.  Now, my husband pulls the chicken off the grill and lets it rest under foil in my board dressing.  Concave boards make all the difference between good grilled meats and great grilled meats!!

Amy Crockett, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Concave: For the Home Cook

This Concave board is awesome!  I am a friend of the Pitner family that developed the Concave board.  John and Lori had told me about the board idea and I thought it was such a simple and significant solution for cooks everywhere.  I told them about my Thanksgiving Day turkey carving disasters and shared how I would place towels under my cutting board to keep the juices from running all over my kitchen counter.  Concave allows me to carve my beautiful bird and keep the juices with the delicious meat.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Nancy Brunk, Cincinnati, Ohio

Concave: For the BBQ Enthusiast

I am a huge BBQ guy.  I BBQ for fun and I also enjoy competitive BBQ.   I have even created my own line of sauces that are retailed in the South East.  I had seen a Concave cutting board and decided to use it for a pork shoulder I had smoked.  Anyone who knows anything about these shoulders knows that the goal is to create good smoke and tender, moist meat.  This concave board was a game changer for me.  I’m pulling pork on this board and the strips of pork are falling into the juice in the middle of the board retaining the flavor I had worked so hard to create.  If you like to grill and BBQ you’ll love this board!

Doc Crombie, Mt. Pleasant, SC