“So What Makes
– This Board –
So Different?”


A Concave Surface Area

The angle of concave was designed to compliment cutlery. The knife edge makes more contact with the cutting surface.
More Contact = Better Prep Surface


Juicier Results, Guaranteed

Having a “juice pool” allows natural juices to re-incorporate back into the meat.

Board Dressings

Opens up a new culinary option of adding other ingredients like chopped herbs, butter, and seasonings to create “Board Dressings”

A Little Something For After the Sizzle

Allows for other sauces, marinades and reductions to be added to the meat


Holds over 1 cup of juice! (20×14)


3 Dishes
1 Board

Eliminates dirty dishes. Before Concave, it took 3 more dishes. 1. Flat cutting board 2. Casserole dish for cooked meat 3. Cutting board for carving or slicing 4. Serving platter to take to the table

Reach In…

Turns family style into family feeding frenzy. Go ahead, reach in, drag that perfect bite through the juice… everyone’s doing it!